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Selvert Thermal has developed Urban Response, a line of products which act as a powerful shield to protect the barrier function of the skin thanks to, among other components, the revolutionary Shield MP. Furthermore, it is able to repair the ravages of polluting factors and other external agents which the skin has been exposed to, returning it to its state of natural beauty and revealing it bright, protected and with a velvety texture. Radiant.

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Selvert Thermal’s new programme of cosmetic peelings is comprised of a well investigated concentration of hydroxy acids (AHAs & BHAs). They are used for treating the main problems skin may have such as spots, acne, sagging or wrinkles. Starting from the first sessions, skin is renewed and takes on a beautiful, flawless appearance.

Professional Products: Skin looks soft, smooth and more glowings thanks to these effective blends of hydroxyl acids that have a potent effect on cutaneous renewal.

Retail Products: two serums with pleasant texture that help to blur the main signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging and allow a correct skin renewal.


The Ligne de Régénération Absolue by Selvert Thermal constitutes a beauty programme designed to achieve intense skin renewal thanks to formulas rich in snail protein extract and ProRenew Complex®. 

Both active ingredients help mature skins or skin that has been damaged by external elements to recover a healthy and youthful texture and appearance. Furthermore, it transforms dull skin tone, which is characteristic of this type of skin, to a youthful rosy hue.

As a result, the skin is reborn to show a beautiful, luminous and velvety texture.

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The new line Peptide Lift by SELVERT THERMAL challenges the passing of time with rich formulas containing revolutionary latest generation Peptides for an instant, long-lasting lifting effect.

The gift of firm, smooth, hydrated skin. A cosmetic revolution. A prodigious challenge to the ageing process. 




AQUAWEAR is a comprehensive moisturizing programme, so skin regains its natural beauty thanks to a complex system that stimulates its own moisturisation mechanisms.

This is achieved by the formulas that include new active ingredients such as Auto-Hydrat or a potent Natural Unsaponifiable that will help enhance the skin’s own NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor), which achieves a perfect balance of water and lipids in the epidermis.

Skin regains its optimum state of moisturisation and appears fresh, glowing and perfectly protected from external aggressions.

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Beauty area

A unique pair and basis of the beauty philosophy of Idesco: The harmony between the beauty professional and her client.

Our beauty philosophy enables us to propose to each woman treatments adapted to her needs, her lifestyle, her wishes... SELVERT has extremely elaborated treatment lines, both in traditional and state-of-the-art cosmetics. Its innovative presentations are the result of periodic studies carried out by market analysts and its formulations constitute a clear example of what active and effective cosmetic technology can provide for the modern beauty professional. 





The SELVERT world of beauty is based on the balance that exists between the beauty professional and her client. This unique pair has led to a proposal for all women, treatments adapted to their needs and to their lifestyle. 


The activity of SELVERT THERMAL range cosmetics, from the professional treatments to the retail products, is based in the use of the most efficient active principles and thermal water in all the formulations. 


The result is a complete and effective line of products, clinically tested to guarantee their tolerance for all skin types.


The prestigious PRIZES VIDA ESTÉTICA have awarded the Purifiant Gel from the product line CELL VITALE PURIFIANT by SELVERT THERMAL, as the Best Cosmetic Product 2015!

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Gel Purifiant Selvert Thermal

Corporative area


 In 1930 Sigmud Freud wrote that three are the main causes of unhapiness for human beings: 

  • The outside world, source of relentless destructive forces. 
  • Our own body, cause of pain and illness.
  • The relationships with other, with whom it is often hard to coexist. 

How can we, then, achieve happiness? In 1963 Dr. Bach decided to say no to unhappiness and founded Biosystems, an enterprise dedicated to clinical diagnosis, being this the beginning of the Ginper Group. His purpose was to provide the necessary tools to diagnose and prevent diseases, in order to achieve a better quality of life and minimize the impact of the second cause of unhappiness, the suffering of our own body. 

Realizing we can do nothing about the forces of the outside world, Dr. Bach decided to try to minimize the third cause of unhappiness, relationship with others. Therein, first impressions and feeling good with ourselves play a crucial role. All this lead to the fundation of Idesco in 1975, with Selvert and Selvert Thermal as its main brands. 

We are a cosmetic company with the purpose to help people feel better about themselves while improving the first impression.

Since then, the group has grown significantly, participating nowadays 15 companies and having a consolidated presence in more than 110 countries. However, the group remains as a family business, with Dr. Bach and his descendents working hard to achieve the original purpose. 

We make health. We make beauty. We make life happen in a better way.


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